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Nowadays, we spend more time sitting than standing. But especially in the home office, you need some movement and variety every now and then. Standable provides you with the change you want and supports your workflow. Our standing desks are fully customizable to suit your taste.

The best standing desk for your office

Electric Height-adjustable desk Desk

Standable is dedicated to making your work life as comfortable as possible. Whether in a home office or in a business, nothing should stand in the way of your energy and attention. Our height-adjustable standing desks can be adjusted to suit your needs. If you prefer to make phone calls while standing up, your standing desk will be ready within just a few seconds at the touch of a button. If you are a little tired and want to sit down, you can lower the standing desk in no time. The simple handling allows you to adjust the standing table according to your needs in just a few seconds. This is how we provide the best possible support for your workflow.

Our standing desks perfectly fit into any space. Whether for a room concept or for the private home office, the design is simple and functional. If you are rather active and move a lot, you can do without sitting by using a standing desk. The simple and modern design makes our standing desk more than just a table, it serves as an accessory for your room. The special thing about My Standing Desk is that you can design it according to your taste. We offer you the possibility to personalize your standing desk - you choose the color of the table frame, the table top as well as the desired table size.

Standable standing desk home office

Standing desks support your posture by allowing you to ease your back. The adjustable height allows you to set yourself up so that your back hurts less. Sitting for hours on end is unhealthy for the body because muscles are not actively used, blood circulation slows, and metabolism is not stimulated. By varying the position you work in, you keep your body intact and thus promote your health. Especially the back suffers from bad posture, which leads to pain and tension. You can counteract these effects by using a standing desk.

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Standable offers functionality, design and individuality in one product. The height adjustable standing desks are designed to improve your working environment as well as your health and support you in your daily life. You can customize our standing desk according to your need and taste to feel even more comfortable.


Personalize your standing desk according to your taste. Choose between the different colors and sizes and create your unique standing desk.


Within just a few seconds, the height of your standing desk can be adjusted. To support your workflow, we have designed the controls as simple as possible.

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Why choose Standable?

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible working environment so that you can work optimally and with satisfaction. However, your health should not be neglected in the process. Your posture can often suffer due to sitting for hours on end, leading to negative side effects. Through our height-adjustable standing desk, you can find the optimal height for you. In doing so, you can adjust it individually, as our standing desk does not have any pre-set height levels. Each of us works in our own way and is most effective under different circumstances. To support your unique workflow, we have made the operation of the standing desk as easy as possible. That way, you can create your perfect work environment in just a few simple steps. However, Standable is much more than just a desk. We allow you to fully customize your standing desk - you decide on the size and the color of your new table. With us, it's Mix & Match! Choose the colors and create a unique piece for your office.