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With our customizable desks, you have the opportunity to design your own desk. Choose the table top, the table frame and the size that suits you best. Thanks to the electric height adjustment, you can always set the desk at the optimum height to support a comfortable and ergonomic posture. Assembling the desk is quick and easy, so you can easily design and use it according to your wishes and the available space. Find the right Electric height-adjustable desk in our range - we deliver free of charge!

Electric Height-adjustable desks: Ergonomic working in the office or home office

With the Electric height-adjustable desks from Standable , you can improve the way you work and the associated working atmosphere at home or in the office. Our Electric height-adjustable des ks offer you the opportunity to adopt an ergonomic posture to promote your physical and mental health. Whether you are sitting or standing: The Electric height-adjustable desk from Standable is particularly quiet and stable at the same time, so you can work undisturbed.

The unique features of our Electric height-adjustable desks clearly set them apart from other products. One of these is the memory function, which can store up to four preferred height settings . This means that you no longer have to adjust the desk to the correct height every time, but can easily fall back on the preset heights. The desk is also so quiet that it does not disturb the work process when it is adjusted. So you can concentrate fully on your work and increase your comfort at the same time. 

The peculiarities of Standable desks

Our large selection of Electric height-adjustable desks offers the right model for every need. Our desks are particularly durable and robust so that you can enjoy your product for a long time. The table tops are made of FSC-certified MFC wood with a thickness of 2.5 cm, which is significantly thicker than conventional desks. However, should any problems occur with the Standable desk, we offer you a 5-year guarantee, which exceeds the minimum period required by law.

In addition, our Electric height-adjustable desks are equipped with a practical anti-collision sensor that prevents collisions with objects and therefore possible damage. This innovative sensor ensures that the desk stops automatically as soon as there is an obstacle in the way. This gives you optimum protection for your home furnishings and your desk.

Advantages of Electric height-adjustable desks

A Electric height-adjustable desk is an ideal choice for people who want to pay attention to their ergonomics. It allows you to change your posture during the working day if necessary and thus improve your health. Our desks offer the simple option of customizing the height of the desk to support a comfortable and ergonomic post ure and reduce the risk of health problems such as back pain. The adjustable desks are also ideal for people who are taller than average.

A Electric height-adjustable desk from Standable offers you many advantages.

  • Simple control

Our desks are easy to operate so that you can adjust the height of the desk at the touch of a button. This means you don't have to bend down or strain to adjust the height of the desk manually.

  • Individual customization

Electric Height-adjustable desks allow you to customize your workstation to suit the task at hand. For example, if you spend a lot of time bending over the desk, you can adjust the desk to the optimum height.

  • Robustness and durability

Our Electric height-adjustable desks are very robust and durable. The desks are predominantly made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum, which last a long time and can withstand daily wear and tear. Thanks to this stability, you no longer have to worry about your desk being damaged or falling apart if you adjust it frequently or use it intensively.

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics play a major role in productive and pain-free working. The workplace should therefore be set up in such a way that incorrect posture and therefore pain are avoided. With our height-adjustable desk, you can work both sitting and standing, which improves your health, concentration and productivity.

Size dimensions of the desk tops & frames

Our Electric height-adjustable desks are available in different sizes so that you can get the desk that best suits your space and personal needs. We offer table tops with lengths between 120 cm and 200 cm and widths of 80 cm and 90 cm. The table top with a length of 200 cm fits perfectly on the fully extended table frame with a length of 180 cm and protrudes 10 cm over the edge on both sides. Get your individual table top now and design your desk according to your wishes.

Would you like to customize your table frame to your individual needs? No problem! Our table frame can be varied in length from 105-180 cm, so you can choose any size of table top. With a simple push of a button, you can adjust the height of the adjust the height of the table frame Electric between 70-120 cm. This means you always have the optimum working height and more flexibility in use.

The right desk for every need

Our range of Electric height-adjustable desks offers a variety of models that are tailored to different needs and requirements. Whether you need a desk for your home office, for your child or for meetings - we have the right model for you.

  • DESKThis is our standard model and guarantees the proven quality and functionality of Standable. In addition to a large table top, this model offers electric height adjustment and an anti-collision sensor.

  • CURVEDThis model is characterized by a curved table top, which enables more ergonomic working. The curve offers a more comfortable working posture and reduces strain on the arms and back.

  • KIDSWe offer a special model for the youngest users. This desk is between 50 and 95 cm height adjustable, so that the height can be optimally adjusted to the height of the child. Thanks to the tabletop thickness of 2.5 cm and the 2 motors, this model has a high load capacity of up to 100 kg.

  • L-SHAPEThanks to its L-shape, this model is ideal for use in corners or smaller rooms. This desk enables both optimal use of the available space and ergonomic working.

  • LAPTOPPerfect for those who mainly work with a laptop. The size and design make it easy to work comfortably.

  • MEETINGThis large desk not only offers enough space for several people, but also ensures ergonomic sitting.

Electric Buy height-adjustable desks at Mein-Stehtisch

Electric Height-adjustable desks are an excellent way of adapting your workstation to your needs. They offer more flexibility and comfort as you can easily adjust the height of the desk at the touch of a button. This is particularly important for people who spend a long time at their desk and want to change their position frequently during the day.

A Electric height-adjustable desk also has many health benefits. It can help to prevent back pain by enabling an ergonomic posture. A Electric height-adjustable desk can also be of great benefit to people with special needs, such as wheelchair users.

Overall, Electric height-adjustable desks offer many benefits and are an excellent choice for people who spend a lot of time at their desk. They offer flexibility, comfort and health benefits and can therefore have a positive impact on productivity and well-being.