Guide to ergonomics & height-adjustable desks

Welcome to our guide to ergonomic working at! Our focus is not only on selling high-quality ergonomic office furniture, but also on promoting a healthy and productive working environment. Our guide is your one-stop shop for valuable tips and information on ergonomic working practices.

Standable Desks in the office

In a world where everyday working life is often characterized by long hours at a desk, the importance of ergonomics is becoming increasingly relevant. Our aim is to support you in designing a workplace that not only offers maximum comfort, but also promotes your health and performance.

In our guide, you will find comprehensive articles on various topics, from the correct sitting posture to dynamic standing work solutions. We are convinced that conscious ergonomic decisions can not only make everyday working life more pleasant, but also more efficient in the long term.

Standable Desk in the office

Immerse yourself in the world of ergonomics and discover how small changes in the workplace can make a big difference. Your well-being is at the center of our interest and we look forward to accompanying you on your way to a healthier working life .

Current ergonomics & desk articles

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Whether in the office or working from home, many people spend the majority of their working time at a desk. However, the importance of ergonomic furnishings is often neglected.